Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TRA Transformation Testimonials

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"I cycle a lot. I cycle 200km to Bukit Kayu Hitam, non-stop! But I couldn't understand why my visceral fat was so high! As a doctor, I had to be healthy. I took up the challenge and amazingly, I dropped my visceral fat! Because it worked for me, I help others as well. I'm very happy to have recommended to my father in law (Mr. Chow, below). He now has a clean bill of health! ...btw, he cycles faster than I do now!!" - Dr. Ang, GP, Penang.

"I was very stubborn... until I collapsed while riding my bicycle and landed in the ICU did I realize I had to pay more attention to my health. Cycling helped, but it didn't reduce the dangerous fat. After TRA, my life changed. I didn't have dreams before, now I dream of cycling to China with my son in law, Dr. Ang! If I can do it, you can too!" - Mr. Chow, 60's.

"Before, I felt scared, my health was at risk! High BP & Cholesterol... Now, I am no longer scared. In fact, I'm more confident and I can catch up with my kid! I definitely look younger and fitter! 11kg! And I can still eat and enjoy my meals, Amazing!!" - Shahdan, Engineering Manager.

"From L to S and then to XS! And the best thing! Its ALREADY 3 YEARS!!! I love it!" - Corine Chew

Dr. Herah, a diabetic and borderline hypertension patient herself was amazed that by losing fat with TRA, she was able to half her dosage of her diabetic medicine after 6 weeks into the program and completely stop her diabetic medicine after 12 weeks. She feels healthier, more confident and renewed! :) Congratulations, Dr. Herah!

From 116kg! Mr. Wong, an Orthopedic Surgeon in SJ, is now slimmer, healthier and definitely more handsome!

"I'm actually a bad student, I didn't follow very well. But yet, I was able to transform! The best thing, I can now wear an M Size!!! After the program I lost another 2kg of fat!" 

This is one of the most common troubles faced by woman. Poh Choo found a way to get rid of her tummy! And she is now 11 years younger! You can too. Just ask to found out how.

"For 2mths, I tried to lose weight my way, I played golf (almost everyday), I exercised and ate healthily, but when I re-measured, I only lost 100grams! My Fat%, Muscle% and more importantly Visceral Fat (Dangerous Fat) didn't change at all. After reviewing the science and checking with my pharmacist friends, I joined the class. Amazingly, after only 2mths, I lost 7kg and my Hypertension went back to Normal! In fact, I was actually told by the doctor, I would have to be on Hypertension medication for life (!). After 12weeks when the program ended, I lost 10kgs; of which 8kg was fat. I continued eat according to the 3333 rule and I lost another 3kgs! TRA has really transformed my life! Now, my children also eat like me too!"

Dr. Israfil Merican transformed. "There will be 2.37M diabetics in Malaysia by 2020. This is very alarming. We need to show by our example so that we can help more people. I see patients everyday with diabetic and it hurts to see them suffer. So, I did TRA and I'm so amazed by the results. I have been exercising for so long and even ride the bicycle to hospital, but it doesn't work. TRA really works!"

"Now, I look even better! Even younger! And when I advise my patients to improve their health, I am a good example of it!" :)

From 132kg to 126kg in 11weeks. The important part of his result is that he grew muscle (FYI: muscle weighs more than fat). Note that fat is 4 times the volume of muscle (which is more dense) and this is why you can see the drastic reduction in body shape and muscle tone.

An interesting fact, he is eating more than he ate before and he is continuously building muscle and losing fat.

"I've have already given up on losing weight! I tried so many ways but all bounced back... I'm so thankful to Su Yin, who introduce me TRA!"

"Hi! I'm back! And it's been a year! I've lost total 25kg! All I do it keep with the 3333 diet. Simple! You can do it! Remember, I gave up on losing weight before and now...TA DA!!!"

"I actually grew taller after the TRA program! (LOL) For me, this is an amazing opportunity to help more people live healthier and more productive." - Jack Kerk, GM of a listed textile company

"I can't imagine that in a short 12 weeks, I can transform. The product really works and I really feel good and healthy. Especially now that my Visceral Fat is lower by 30%!" - Tan Chin Hui, VP of Finance of a public listed company

"12 years younger! V shape body! What else can you ask for? But most importantly, it is the health improvement and visceral fat reduction. My blood pressure from 138/95 came down to 126/82. I'm very happy!" - Tan WeiNeng, Financial Controller of a public listed company.

Over 100 doctors have loss weight with TRA!
These are some of their comments:

“Initially I had too much fat that my doctor couldn’t operate on me. I had colon cancer. With TRA & Pharmanex products, in 4 mths I lost 22kg of weight and 8.9kg of fat, I was strong and healthy enough to undergo this critical surgery. After the surgery, for people my age, they would need at least 3-4 days in ICU, but, amazingly I was there for only 12 hours! I feel GREAT! Now, I want to share TRA with more people, because I know Pharmanex can help them.” - Dato’ Sheikh Mustapha

"Now I have a flat tummy! And I'm 6years Younger! The important thing is that I now have a healthy eating habit and I actually eat more than I do before, but I still lose fat. I want to share TRA with more people!"

"X size pants, L size tops... to XS pants to S tops! Simply amazing! ... just look at the fat, nobody wants to carry that for 10-20years, right? Not me! I love to look younger, feel younger and stay younger!"

"Even after the program finished, I just continued to follow the simple eating habit, have 3 balanced meals a day and I'm now 66kg!" - Hooi Ling

"Even when I thought I was thin, I had amazingly high Visceral Fat! But through TRA, I was able to reduce it and the best thing is, my HB1C (blood sugar) is now normal! I'm no longer a diabetic (after 7 years)."

"I have to thank BeeYoke, a friend (and Food Technologist) for showing I had so much Visceral Fat (12)! Now, my body age is 39! I grew younger by 10 years! I love it!"

Used to take High Blood Pressure medicine since 6yrs old. Now no more! Doesn't she look great?

"Ever since my father's skin problem due to high blood sugar improved, I tried TRA and I couldn't imagine that I could lose my belly too and feel so much healthier!" - Cheng, factory owner.

"I Thought that only Movie Stars can have body shapes like this! Now everyone can too!"

"If I can do it, I can help more people too! I can understand how they feel..."

"I was never really fat, but I can now look and feel so much better!"

"12 months of hard work and exercise and still I could only get to this result (See Red Square), but with TRA, only 12 weeks to see 8 Packs!!!"